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Aptos Shop is a multifunction space that combines an Aptos showroom/ Training center and shop itself, which is located on N 20/4 Orbeliani str. On June 11, 2018 the opening ceremony took place in the atmosphere of leading specialists in Aesthetic Medicine.

Showroom represents a modern, comfortable space with high-tech equipment and is ideal for conducting different types of conferences, seminars and training courses. There is a possibility of broadcasting live demonstrations with the help of highly qualified Aptos technical team. The sheer advantage of the space is bright and comfortable environment, which also includes coffee-break zone where you can taste delicious coffee and tea.

Multilateral trainings, seminars, live demonstrations and courses are being conducted for doctors every week in Aptos showroom. The training courses are often led by the professional trainers invited from abroad as well as organized by the founders of “Aptos” along with local trainers.

About Us
Aptos Showroom

The Aptos shop is the first official store for aesthetic medicine products. Aptos shop makes accessible the best products available on market for authorized physicians. Shop represents products of such leading brands in aesthetic medicine like Juvederm, Mesoline, Zo skin, Pluryal, Emet, Skyndor, Aptos, Dr.Nice, Dr.Super etc. The selection of products include injectables, cosmetics, surgical instruments, as well as specialized medical clothing and literature. The variety of products,  brands and categories change and renew gradually. The aptos shop has friendly and highly professional consultant team, who provides detailed information about products to the interested doctors and ensure pleasant shopping experience.

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